When it absolutely, positively, HAS to stay out of the hands of the zombie legion, Blueball can always be counted on to get the job done. His charming personality and affinity for puzzles are matched only by his outstanding aim as a grenadier.

The Turtle
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Squad Info
Call Sign Blueball
Quote "Just like the Jews and Hitler"
Status On Leave
General Info
Likelihood of Starting Zombie Code Orange
Blaster of Choice Sock Grenades
Sidearm of Choice Jolt
Most Notable Achievement Unknown
Human Efficiency High
Zombie Efficiency Moderate
 Blueball's short height and quiet demeanor cause many of his foes to overlook him, a mistake they never have time to make twice. He excels at moving undetected within small, confined spaces with little cover, such as an open field or sidewalk. The single-use sidearms he favors rarely come into play, but when they do they're remarkably effective.

As of January, 2015, Blueball is on leave from What Squad to deal with some degrading occuring in his home. His position is being preserved, and his absence is felt during every hold. 

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