Kash Koala's infamy spreads through zombie and human collectives alike- he's effective everywhere. From the depths of the undead hordes to the height of human outposts, he holds an undeniable position as the squad's tank. 

The Tank
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Squad Info
Call Sign Kash Koala
Quote "Oops"
Status Active
General Info
Likelihood of Starting Zombie Code White
Blaster of Choice Alpha Trooper
Sidearm of Choice Hammershot
Most Notable Achievement Unknown
Human Efficiency High
Zombie Efficiency High
 As both a human and a zombie, there isn't much to be described in the way of tactics, other than "make things die." When using a blaster, the technique generally involves a "spray" style fire, where so many shots are spam-fired that there's no avoiding them, and as a zombie, he's so unpredictable the only certainty is he's probably chasing you. 

Koala's blatant disregard for things like subtelty and group coordination lead the squad to a mixture of appreciation for the objectives accomplished and disappointment in the plans derailed.

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