Known more for his spontaneous appearances and equally unpredictable vanishings, Jumper's role in What Squad is similar to that of a cavalry. He charges in when all seems lost, does things reality shouldn't allow, and leaves without so much as a snappy one-liner. 

The Scapegoat
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Squad Info
Call Sign Jumper
Quote "Put your pants back on! We have a world to save."
Status Active
General Info
Likelihood of Starting Zombie Code Blue
Blaster of Choice Retaliator
Sidearm of Choice Hammershot
Most Notable Achievement Unknown
Human Efficiency Very High
Zombie Efficiency Moderate

It is rumored that a sort of dimensional rift centers around Jumper, as the laws of physics often shift around him during combat. His weapons, for example, while usually broken or faultily modified, rarely miss their mark when it counts. Occasionally, he will complete objectives entirely unarmed. 

Jumper is also half of the fireteam Hunting Party, together with Punchline . During times of crisis, Hunting Party patrols the outdoors, escorting or rescuing civillians and fallen allies, as well as actively disrupting any undead in the area.

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