Generally, the enemy is neutralized before they're aware they've even encountered What Squad's commanding officer. Known more for his contribution to the zombie legion, gangsta zombies know that Italian Food is the real O.Z.

The Leader
431980 3253044491581 529311237 n
Squad Info
Call Sign Italian Food
Quote "That sounds like a horrible idea. Lets do it."
Status Active
General Info
Likelihood of Starting Zombie CODE RED!
Blaster of Choice Retaliator
Sidearm of Choice Jolt
Most Notable Achievement Punmaster Co-General
Human Efficiency Moderate
Zombie Efficiency Very High
 It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment when Italian Food became a major threat, but many suspect it came during a springtime crisis in 2014, when he single-handedly decimated a nighttime patrol (though he has been accused of gaining inside information from Punchline, it has never been proven.) as the single member of the zombie horde at the time.

A signature portion of Italian Food's play style involves deception and stealth, prefering to choose one kill at the right moment from hiding than risk his own health with a frontal assault. As a human, he relies on the squad as a whole and works primarily in a team function, accomplishing objectives tactically.

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