The Great Crisis of 2014 began with the leaking of a virus, supposedly for no more than experimental testing, from a military laboratory. It also, however, gave birth to a legend.  

The virus spread quickly, infecting any it came into contact with. As the infected succumbed to insanity, they began to spread the virus through bites, creating a horde that quickly overran the nearby area. 

As smoke rose from the world around them, several scattered warriors chose to band together, hoping, praying that as a team they could find safety, and more importantly, revenge. As their college campus was overrun, the group held together in search of escape. Wave after wave of zombies crashed against them, but they held strong. 

As the conflict continued, roles began to emerge within the group. A Turtle, capable of holding any position. A Coms officer with extensive knowledge of radio transmissions. A Tank, capable of charging into impossible odds and barraging his way through. And two co-leaders, respected, tactically sound. 

For five long days, they fought for survival. On the first day, a helicopter sent to extract the brave fighters crashed, leaving them once more to the elements. The group was then contacted by an old ship captain who could escape through a river, if his ship could be repaired. The squad tried to help the captain, but it was all for naught, and soon the ship sank to the depths. However not all was lost. The captain knew another route, a long ago abandoned smugglers' tunnel which could lead them to safety. Over the next few days, the group found the tunnel, cleared away the rubble, and managed to open the electronic doors, all the while holding off the growing zombie hoard. But just when it seemed like they were unstoppable, the captain's leg was crushed under fallen debris. The first co-leader of the group ran back to save the captain, but was bitten by a zombie in the process. The captain and the doomed leader, realizing they would not escape this alive, gave their lives in one final blaze of glory - holding off the zombie hoards long enough for the rest of the squad to escape. They would later be commemorated by a ceremonial burial and the planting of Flowers. 

The remaining members of the group emerged into the sunlight, and began a long trek to the closest military shelter, where they hoped to hold out until the zombie virus had been purged. The rest of the journey was uneventful, and upon arriving at the shelter, uninfected by the zombie virus, they were welcomed into the base. 

As they explained their story to the commanding officer of the army outpost, he could only shake his head. Later, that night, he was overheard talking to some fellow officers about them - "What squad could survive something like that?" he asked.

What Squad indeed.

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