The team's greatest encouragement, The Dad prefers to use positive reinforcement, such as disowning the members of What Squad on a regular basis, for the smallest of infractions.

The Dad
Squad Info
Call Sign Beam Sword
Quote "My hobbies are beam sword. My pass-times are beam sword. I am okay with this."
Status Active
General Info
Likelihood of Starting Zombie Code Red
Blaster of Choice Rampage
Sidearm of Choice Dart-Knives
Most Notable Achievement Unknown
Human Efficiency Low
Zombie Efficiency High
On the rare days she chooses not to join the uprising of undead creatures, her tactics primarily involve running with a large group of humans. Where she shines her brightest, however, is in the slaughter of the innocent. As a zombie, the positive, gentle nature disappears, replaced by something primal and terrifying.

Where some see groups of humans resisting destruction, Dad sees dinner, and woe be unto anyone who damages her squad members.

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