The sun may be out, but it's not go time until Thighrise; a dark and ominous night becomes bright as day when ThighGuy enters the battlefield. Zombies are often so blinded by the shine of thigh power that they don't even see the strikes coming, which coupled with his exceptional accuracy make ThighGuy an excellent game-ender.

The Chief of Reconnaissance
1472870 745997065413653 202514748 n
Squad Info
Call Sign Thigh Guy
Quote "Feast your eyes upon this meaty beast!"
Status Active
General Info
Likelihood of Starting Zombie CODE BLUE
Blaster of Choice Alpha Trooper
Sidearm of Choice Unknown
Most Notable Achievement  ?
Human Efficiency Very High
Zombie Efficiency Moderate

During combat, ThighGuy keeps in contact with Bushwookie by radio, allowing him to stay updated on what's going on, as well as keeping Bushwookie updated. There is a flashlight afixed to his blaster, but it's rarely needed, as the shine from his glowing white thighs illuminates everything just fine.

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