On Tuesday, March 17th, What Squad deployed in a controlled environment in Columbia, MD codenamed Shadowland. The objective of the exercise was to become accustomed to the combat techniques of tomorrow, in case they should be necessary; after all, the apocalypse doesn't need to be limited to Earth. Included in the exercise was Beverly, an officer assigned to oversee Bushwookie's actions.

The squad was divided into two smaller teams, captained by Punchline and Italian Food.

Italian Food's subsquadron [Red Team]:

-Kash Koala




Punchline's subsquadron [Blue Team]:



-Beam Sword

The first exercise was a standard team v. team training op, and it went without much worth reporting. Red Team clinched the victory, though Bambi led the scoreboard with an unheard of accuracy rating and colossal score. In second place was Italian Food.

The second exercise allowed team shifting, and saw two civvies introduced (also armed and able to trade teams). This exercise was designed to teach the importance of phaser calibration: As targets change the frequency of their shielding, you must change the frequency of your phaser in order to stay effective.

Before the third exercise could begin, however, the unthinkable occured. A residual virus, perhaps from a previous deployment, took effect on punchline, and a zombie outbreak began within the confines of Shadowland's walls. A rogue Punchline went ballistic infecting nearly all of the squad, but at the last moment, one member bravely fought back, and slowly the virus was contained.

Space Training was a fabulous success, even with the unexpected outbreak of a Zombie contagion, and the Squad can be expected to train again in this way, furthering their quest to be ever vigilant.

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