On April 10, 2015, What Squad was contacted by several students of Penn State University's main campus.

Reports included once calm humans acting feral, unintelligent, and cannibalistic.

Collectively, the Squad decided to investigate. Even Blueball was temporarily reactivated for this mission. At 0345 on April 11, 2015, everyone armored up and hit the road for a ranged deployment. There were several bumps in the road on the way to field hq, in a building called Osmond at PSU, but it was nothing Kash Koala couldn't handle.

At 0730, the Squad sat down for a briefing, along with several other groups. There were some 22 confirmed zombies on the premises, and the several hundred (nearly 400) humans seemed a bit like overkill for this containment. After being updated on possible locations of zombies, and receiving rendevous points, the fireteams were divided into 4 squads and airdropped across campus. The weapons drop followed shortly after.

At 0900, squads were inserted to strategic points across PSU Campus. As What Squad signed onto the radio frequency of choice for that day, the familiar callsigns of Bitch Squad greeted them. What Squad was not alone in this deployment. By dividing it's members among the platoons PSU authorized, and staying in radio contact, What Squad was able to effectively keep tabs on everyone throughout the day.

The first strike came an hour or so into the mission. At approximately 1000, Jumper fell to the horde. Many of the other humans unaffiliated with What Squad fell also at this time, as the zombies put together a counter attack in front of a main road. Interestingly, traditional ammunition seemed to have varying effects on Zombies- they were stunned for changing increments of time with every shot. Platoon Slaughterhouse were decimated, but Beam Sword was able to escape unscathed and regroup with the others.

By 1100, the wave of attacks had been halted, however temporarily, and the platoons sat down for field meals. Thighguy left no stone, stick, or mud pile unturned in his efforts to kick up evidence of the zombies for further tracking, and Italian Food set out briefly to reconnoiter the main road.

At 0100, missions resumed, and the shitshow began. Platoon Savage was quickly and entirely overrun, and the Horde took another squad member- Blueball. Bambi was able to escape, meeting up with Punchline for an escort to safety with Platoon Rosewater. Within the ranks of Rosewater, the reunion grew to include Italian Food and Kash Koala. At this point, the zombie horde was easily 60 strong, and forced the humans back against an obelisk. As wave after wave of human fell to the onslaught, Punchline pushed for a quick exit to regroup, and Italian Food gave the order, which Kash Koala promptly ignored while Bambi, Punchline, Italian Food, and Thighguy took their exits. A small group of zombies peeled off from the main attack to give chase, but they were quickly neutralized.

A brief pause to restock on water and reload clips, and then What Squad reentered combat, having written off Kash Koala as collateral. They were proved wrong, however, as he joined them shortly thereafter. With the obelisk affair having decimated the ranks of the humans quite effectively, platoons disbanded, and What Squad reunited in it's entirety. To finish the job, however, the squad knew more firepower would be required. The horde was now over 90 strong. It was time to talk business.

Locating them by radio, What Squad and Bitch Squad sat down to discuss the current situation and the terms of a squad agreement. Objectives were agreed upon, and timing was decided, and then the squad's set out together. Whitch Squad was born.

For the next hour, Whitch Squad scouted the outer reaches of campus, looking for possible exits should something go wrong.

At approximately 0530, Whitch Squad fuckin' did the thing.

Italian Food and Punchline led the charge directly into the zombie horde, which at this point held nearly 130 zombies. At first, the horde seemed excited, but their excitement quickly turned to confusion as the rest of Whitch Squad entered the fray. The 15 or so members of Whitch Squad successfully forced the horde to run into an alleyway, which only made the hunt easier. The mission was a decisive victory, and with the horde contained and shamed, Whitch Squad went home.

When later asked for comment, Punchline said only "It's called putting the hammer down, and we're not sorry."

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