Two days after solving Someone Else's Problems on a ranged Deployment, What Squad realized that the UMBC zombie control delegation was slowly going rogue.


It all began with the office of Advertising and Recruitment. In a mad attempt to force members of the club to complete press photo shoots, she stole all of the magazines, power sources, and upgraded weaponry of those on campus. She was declared unfit for office, and the coalition of Humans Vs Zombies (HvZ) set about "retiring" her from her post. To draw her out, the club separated and completed many of her photo shoots. Unfortunately, she caught on to the plan and hid herself in a nearby building with several civilians who didn't realize what was going on.

As revenge for the coalition's mutiny, the officer released a lab virus, more subtle and refined than typical zombie contagions, into the midst of one of the coalition members. Slowly, the virus worked itself through his bloodstream until the unsuspecting human was overcome and killed five more humans in a fit of rage. The virus had begun to spread, and the campus was placed under threat level: RED.

At this point, What Squad deployed in a more serious manner, and Fireteam Hunting Party determined midnight patrols necessary, however Bushwookie was quickly overtaken.

The midnight patrol was uneventful Monday night.


On Tuesday, A&R had recruited the office of Treasurer into her plan for revenge, playing on his anger towards those who left him with all the paperwork. Unfortunately for What Squad, the Treasurer position was held by Kash Koala, and his turning was a big hit to the daytime vigilance of the squad. Bushwookie added to the subterfuge by releasing classified information regarding the whereabouts of several members of the squad at various times during the day to the seperatist sect.

With Kash Koala fell ThighGuy who only barely failed in his attempt to kill Bambi and Beam Sword when Fireteam Hunting Party interfered, and subsequently escorted both girls to their intended destinations.

That evening, a successful sting both eliminated the office of A&R and purged Kash Koala of the virus. He was so severly weakened that he was sent to a secure facility to recover rather than re-entering combat. During the sting operation, both Beam Sword and Bambi fell to the contagion, as well as Captain Ireland. Within the squad, a civil war was beginning.

By the time of the midnight patrol Tuesday evening, all but 9 humans on campus had succumbed to the super-contagion. Unknown to the squad at the time, ALL officers of the HvZ coalition's board had been turned against them.

At midnight, Fireteam Hunting Party patrolled as planned, but encountered heavy resistance, which they were able to neutralize, barely, through an intensive series of chases and exterminations. So severe was the attack that Punchline was sent to contact outside help, while Jumper temporarily took control of operations on campus. This was an unfortunate but necessary breach of the fourth rule of engagement for humans.


On Wednesday, the stress became too much for Italian Food and he snapped, finding for himself a large pirate hat and telling everyone he was now "Captain Corgi." One of the members of the HvZ board (the secretary) took on the persona of "Captain Beagle" and used it to encourage the behavior.

It was determined that Captain Beagle needed to be eliminated, and Italian Food was going to need a stern talking to. When the few humans remaining on campus attempted to get through to the normally sane "captain," he led them on a crazy path, claiming to be in search of booty.

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