Role-Independent AchievementsEdit

Achievement Description Achievement Holders MangoScore
Punmaster (Co-)General Given to one(s) who has/have, in the course of a single mission, spoken enough one-liners to make the entire squad groan. Punchline
Italian Food
125 MangoScore
Spray Given to one(s) who has/have done something so exceedingly dumb that disappointment is the only viable reaction, collectively, from the entire squad. Punchline
Kash Koala
Italian Food
20 MangoScore

Human AchievementsEdit

Achievement Description Achievement Holders MangoScore
Reckless Given to one who has gotten at least one surviving human killed by abandoning them in pursuit of a single target. Punchline
20 MangoScore
New Boots Given to one who joins their first mission as a human. Connor 20 MangoScore
Immovable Object Given to one who stuns at least half of a zombie horde (10+), without dying, accompanied by 4 or fewer humans. Bushwookie 175 MangoScore
You Tried Given to one who survives more than half of a 10+ minute hold alone, but dies before it's completion. Punchline 75 MangoScore
Leeeeroy Given to one who hears, understands, and completely ignores the humans' main plan. Jumper 40 MangoScore
Jenkins Given to one who completes an objective single-handedly. (Must be the last one alive in the hold). 200 MangoScore
Goddamit Leroy Given to one who dies within 30 seconds of entering a hold. Jumper 40 MangoScore

Zombie AchievementsEdit

Achievement Description Achievement Holders MangoScore
Hurdle Given to one who kills Jumper. (Cannot be a Double-Tap). Italian Food 75 MangoScore
Unamused Given to one who kills Punchline. (Cannot be a Double-Tap). 75 MangoScore
TPK Given to one who chain-kills an entire group of three or more humans. Italian Food 150 MangoScore
Unstoppable Force Given to one who overruns a group of humans (8+) in one push, with 4 or fewer zombies. 200 MangoScore
The Dance of my People Given to one who does the dance. You know the one. Beam Sword
50 MangoScore

Squad ScoresEdit

Member MangoScore
Blueball 20 MangoScore
Thighguy 0 MangoScore
Bushwookie 175 MangoScore
Jumper 120 MangoScore
Punchline 220 MangoScore
Italian Food 370 MangoScore
Bambi 70 MangoScore
Beam Sword 50 MangoScore
Kash Koala 20 MangoScore
Connor 20 MangoScore

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